The Grace of God and A Carton of Eggs

Tension grew in my hallway as I walked the cold tile to the bathroom. One conflict between siblings grew to a wrestling war and I needed to step in, as I notified the other sibling that she needed to wait on the toilet. One brother broke away in anger, leaving the other in tears and I leaped into the air, grabbing him in time before he was out of reach. While simultaneously trying to comfort one and instruct the other, my peripheral vision was alerting me to their sister splashing in puddles of pee, making it known that she had never actually made it to the toilet in the first place. I wondered how to best juggle the crying, the pee and the disobeying when my other daughter, last but not least, whispered “here, mommy” as she handed me an open carton of 18 count eggs she had climbed to get from the fridge. My one free hand caught the egg carton and I released my son, leaving the wild scene for a second because I felt like the loss of moral due to slimy yolks everywhere would be a little too much. We made it to nap time, somehow, by God’s mercy, you guys


That afternoon seemed like a good representation of what life is like around here sometimes, and I wanted to welcome you to this blog with that little story about us. Around here we also know the Jesus offers grace that is greater than our sin. We love adoption and all the ways the Lord is growing us through it. We love our first born, Haddon, who is in heaven with Jesus. We have a really good Daddy and husband who loves the Lord. We drink a lot of coffee, mostly me, mom.

Here is where I love to encourage others in what the Lord is teaching me, whether it’s through deep valleys or peaks of joy.





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